Friday, July 6, 2012

Whitney Houston's Cause of Death Analyzed Leaches and Lies?
Part 2
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Monique Houston, the ex-wife and Gary Houston has gone on record to say that she believed that Patricia Houston, along with Whitney Houston's two brothers, was involved in the disgraceful selling of a photo that featured Houston in her casket. According to Monique, selling lies and photos to tabloids behind Whitney's back was a common practice amongst family members.  Houston's brothers allegedly had checks sent to accounts with various names in order to cover their tracks.  Perhaps this woman is lying.  However, if she isn't, what a truly sad state of affairs.  It has been acknowledged by many friends(yet not any family members outside of Houston's mother) that Whitney carried the load and financially supported everyone.  Is this anyway to treat a person who writes your checks?
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Gospel artist and close friend of Whitney Houston, Kim Burrell, shared a touching story in several recent interviews.  Burrell shares that Houston wanted her feet rubbed, however non of her staff or family members were willing to oblige her.  Kim Burrell, in an act of love and friendship, volunteered to rub Whitney's feet.  Kim Burrell shared that Whitney began to cry.  Kim asked why and Houston replied, "because you really love me."  Reasonable minds may conclude from this statement that Whitney Houston felt unloved.  Not because nobody would rub her feet, but perhaps due to years of people constantly taking and never giving back.  Perhaps Whitney was well aware of the affairs going on "behind her back", she was clearly aware enough to feel unloved by those who surrounded her.
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When Houston died, she was supposedly alone.  Despite the duties one might associate with assistants, managers, and bodyguards during a high profile weekend such as the Grammy's, it appears that all of Whitney's employees were out and about and living it up.  Nobody assisting or managing or protecting.  Or at least that is the most recent and official story they have submitted for public consumption.  Her manager and sister-in-law Patricia stated that while Whitney called her more than once and left messages, she never answered the phone or returned her calls.  

To Be Continued...

Monday, July 2, 2012

THE BET AWARDS: What People Are Saying...

The BET Awards: Word on the Net!

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On Chris Brown Performance...
chris brown body paint bet awards 2012
I still can't get over my love, Chris Brown's awful performance at the BET Awards ☹

I was disappointed in Chris brown's performance last night , he could've done better .

I think Chris Brown BET performance was hot, i dnt care wat nobody say : ) 

So Chris Brown only had a 3min. Performance and they had us waitin 3hrs, thanks .

On Whitney Houston Tribute...

cissy houston bridge over troubled water for whitney houston sing
Finally a tribute to Whitney that made sense. Real Fam, real friends, real talent. Thx  that's how you do it :) 


 Brandy, Cissy Houston & Monica Did a incredibleWhitney Houston Tribute! WOW!

Whitney Houston tribute was probably one of the best I've seen thus far. How her mother found strength to sing idk but R.I.P. to a great.

On Illuminati... 

illuminatichris brown illuminati triangles
I dont even be off that illuminati talk but oh yeah the BET awardsstraight illuminati ran !

Y'all gonna start your BS illuminati conspiracies over the BETawards now?

I bet them green triangles Illuminati?

Why people always tweet me talking about the Illuminati.... If youbelieve the Illuminati control BET why you watched the awards stillSTFU

On Mariah Carey Fake Crying...
Did anyone else think that Mariah Carey's 'almost cry for Whitney' thing was kinda suspect? It almost looked fake to me...

 Oh I meant to tweet a while back to say I wasn't buying Mariah's sincerity... Seemed fake and sorta forced

Mariah was being real thirsty with her fake tears

Some people are so self absorbed Mariah couldn't even bring real tears. So fake.